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this page is more of a suport group for the poor some times the stress get to big it's nice to know your not alone and I would love to help every one but i can't help myself right now I went to the bank to try to get a loan to pay the fine off so I could get a job but I need a job first I looked in to the erdlery help u have to be bonded and crimal backround check so I am screwed again cents my little girl was born and by then there was daiper bottles cloths i never knew it was so pricy maybe some day someone will be nice and help me out with my fine 1200 i know it's alot your tell me I have been tryin to pay it for for 3 years but every penny counts and i mean penny cause i am luck to have that well good luck and god bless jen

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Lady Christie

Who~knew and Soulight helped me tremendously during a very stressful time recently. My husband was out of work for a month and they pointed me in the right direction for help. Also my brother who as some of you know is going through some health problems and I had asked for prayers because we were scared it was a heart problem. We recieved his results 1-26-07 and his heart is fine. I think it is all the prayers that helped. We still don't know what is wrong and have more testing to do. Help comes in more ways then financial, and if the only help I have ever recieved was prayers for my brothers health or for my well being my time on aidpage would be well spent. Christie

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